Quotation-markAt NWO most of our communication with researchers is bilingual. Our texts for researchers are important and need to be spot on, in both Dutch and English. And we can always trust Dave and his team to do that. NST Science delivers quality, honours agreements, communicates clearly and thinks with us. I really enjoy working with them.

Lieke van Emmerik, NWO – Team Leader Communication, Domain Social Sciences and Humanities

Quotation-markNST Science regularly writes voice-over texts for us and they are a pleasure to work with. They always convey the essence of the story with the right tone of voice.

Carlien Megens, Video Producer, Megens&Veenstra

Quotation-markNST Science has translated and edited our texts for many years. They understand the language used in our business. Their service is fast and accurate and they provide valuable feedback. NST Science delivers on time even when the deadlines
are tight.

Peter Loenen,Communication Manager, Topigs Norsvin

Quotation-markNST Science regularly revises, finalises or translates our texts for publication on our website or in our newsletter. They understand our market, think with us and produce high-quality work.

Naomi Vorstermans, Communication Advisor, Health~Holland

Quotation-markMaastricht University has worked with NST Science for several years now and has never called upon their services in vain. Our press releases are always translated quickly and very professionally. And for other translation and editing jobs we can always approach NST Science as well. They are specialised in scientific texts and you can see that in the quality of their translations. Furthermore, the contact with them is always very pleasant and efficient!

Caroline Roulaux, press officer Maastricht University


Quotation-markTranslations from Dutch to English in the fields of physics and chemistry are excellent. Texts are accurate, precise and well written. Our researchers are really pleased with the work produced.

Petra Rodruigez, Communication Officer, AMOLF


Quotation-markNST Science has translated and edited numerous texts for me. I really appreciate the fact that they stay close to the original text in terms of style and choice of words. They translate my alliterations and plays on words without these sounding translated. They also maintain accurate lists of specialist terms, which means, for example, that they soon discover if I have unintentionally used a synonym for a term. They then point that out to me and ask me if my choice was deliberate. In a nutshell, NST Science thinks with me in a pleasant manner.

David Redeker, communication advisor and science journalist


Quotation-markWithin two weeks the quote, the translation of our report and the corrections were there. I was extremely pleased about the quick and correct manner our report was translated in, and for a good price. I will certainly come back to NST Science for any future translations we need.

Djoeke van Dale, programme manager, RIVM

Quotation-markI have partnered with NST Science for many years now and the translations have always been professional and thorough. The staff are friendly and very helpful and I enjoy working with them.

Joern Bengt Seeger, orthopaedic surgeon, University of Giessen, Germany

Quotation-markPleasant to work with, meticulous translations and fast delivery! For us NST Science is a reliable partner that always delivers quality.

Rob Punselie, Content Kings

Quotation-markWe write an article for the Wageningen alumni association KLV for each issue of the magazine Wageningen World, which. is published in both English and Dutch. NST Science provides the translation for the English edition. NST Science has the advantage that they speak the ‘language of Wageningen’. They know more than just the scientific terms and jargon. Also the names of sections or departments or specific titles and terms as used by the university are always correct.

Further NST Science is flexible, fast, always willing to consult and therefore pleasant to work with.

Florien Kuijper, Communicatiebureau De Lynx

Quotation-markNST Science makes our grant applications in English and our scientific publications in the field of veterinary and biomedical research easier to read. They also ensure that the key aspects of the research are more prominently presented. I have also benefited from the subject-specific qualities of the NST Science team; they are at home in the scientific and biomedical worlds. Grant applications and scientific publications are significantly better as a result of their work.

Hendrik-Jan Roest, DVM, PhD
Head of the Department of Bacteriology and TSEs
Wageningen Bioveterinary Research

Quotation-markWith much pleasure (and success) I have used the services of NST Science for several years; Dave Thomas and his team always provide a professional service and personal care and attention in the translation and editing of articles for international medical journals. My PhD students are very pleased with the speed of the response and the willingness to answer specific questions. Thanks to NST Science’s input, six articles have already been accepted for publication.

Dr Wouter van der Heide, associate professor Department of General Practice Medicine, University Medical Center Groningen


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