Strategic science communication

Are you forming a research consortium and seeking funding? Is your organisation facing fresh challenges that require everyone to be on board? Or do you need to rethink things from a different perspective?

Then you need a strategic thinker with a fresh perspective. A sparring partner who listens intuitively, sharpens your thoughts and facilitates a strong shared vision. We’re that objective sparring partner. NST Science enables you to tackle complex strategic science communication challenges effectively: writing research proposals, producing mission and vision documents, or engaging a diverse and critical group of stakeholders in your research.

Whatever the challenge, our tailored mix of analysis, strategic advice and scientific (copy)writing will create the impact you need to achieve your goals.

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NST Science conveys the strategic direction of an organisation in clear language that the target group understands. They play a well-considered advisory role and clarify things with the right questions. Regular consultations take place that always lead to significant progress. Ultimately, the final objective must be achieved to the client’s complete satisfaction. NST Science ensures that happens.

Jacobine den Hertog
interim adviser, Dorcas