You are the presentation. The PowerPoint is a presentation aid.

An effective presentation is about you presenting a great story that people remember and take home. The following TEDx video explains the nuts and bolts of this.

TEDxEast – Nancy Duarte uncovers common structure of great presentations


So we check your PowerPoint presentation from the perspective of the story you want to tell.

  • Does it excite?
  • Does it inspire?
  • Does it convince?

Is there a clear take home message that your audience will remember?

And of course that also means getting some of the basic nuts and bolts right like not too much info on the slides, slide legibility, use of colour, consistent style, etc.

However, at the end of the day you have to get up there and present. You need to command your audience and provide something worth listening to.

J Douglas Jefferys—Killer presentation skills


TEDxEMU – Gordon Kangas – Giving presentations worth listening to


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