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Formulate and tailor your writing, combining speed with accuracy and lucidity, to maximise the multimedia tools used to engage the general public.

Press Releases

Nanophotonics, breast cancer research, educational studies and art history. Just some of the subjects we cover in the press releases we translate and edit. Each week we combine speed with accuracy and lucidity to produce results journalists are proud of.  Learn more


Even before the founding of learned societies in the seventeenth century, research was an international activity. And today even more so. A growing number of grants are aimed at multinational partnerships. Collaboration with emerging science nations is gaining momentum and the pool of scientific talent is increasingly being drawn from abroad. Does your website reflect this trend? Learn more


Brochures and Popular Publications

Engaging a wider public in your research without dumbing down. Treading the fine line between the wider interests of an institute and the specific wishes of a researcher. Finding good words in your language to describe scientific processes you always write about in English. Learn more

Policy Documents

Research informs policy. A guideline for medical practice, a strategic memorandum from a research institute or a vision document to inform government decisions. Documents that require an in-depth understanding of the subject matter and the ability to write succinctly in the appropriate voice. Learn more



Videos have become a vital part of the communication mix. Smartphones and YouTube mean anyone can produce a pretty decent film. But one that grabs and gets your message across?  Learn more


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