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Nanophotonics, breast cancer research, educational policy and art history. 

Just some of the subjects we cover in the press releases we translate and edit. Each week we combine speed with accuracy and lucidity to produce results journalists are proud of.

Some news is urgent and last minute. No problem, we are used to working under pressure and making the deadline for you. Announcement under embargo? You can rely on us to be discrete. A delicate press release with input from several organisations involved in a project and unexpected last minute revisions? We are used to that and take it in our stride.


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  • NST Science has translated and edited numerous texts for me. I really appreciate the fact that they stay close to the original text in terms of style and choice of words. They translate my alliterations and plays on words without these sounding translated. They also maintain accurate lists of specialist terms, which means, for example, that they soon discover if I have unintentionally used a synonym for a term. They then point that out to me and ask me if my choice was deliberate. In a nutshell, NST Science thinks with me in a pleasant manner.–David Redeker, communication advisor and science journalist

  • The FOM Foundation regularly works with NST Science for the translation of press releases and news releases. These are often full of specialist terms, so it is reassuring to know that the translator is completely at home with these. And on top of that we can always count on a fast delivery!–Ans Hekkenberg, communication advisor, FOM Foundation

  • Maastricht University has worked with NST Science for several years now and has never called upon their services in vain. Our press releases are always translated quickly and very professionally. And for other translation and editing jobs we can always approach NST Science as well. They are specialised in scientific texts and you can see that in the quality of their translations. Furthermore, the contact with them is always very pleasant and efficient!–Caroline Roulaux, press officer Maastricht University