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2 October 2017 – Four new projects VerDuS SURF Pop Up

As a result of the call VerDuS SURF Pop Up 2017, four new small SURF Pop Up projects will start. The new projects cover cooperative living, land policy, sustainable citizens’ initiatives, and a tool for multi-stakeholder business models.

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15 September 2017 – Proof of Concept: ERC Awards 51 grants for innovation

Fifty-one ERC grant holders receive top-up funding to explore the commercial or innovation potential of the results of their EU-funded frontier research.
The selected innovative projects cover a variety of topics, ranging from a new health therapies, to creating detailed 3D maps of forest structures, to an ocean surveillance model for fish conservation.

Proof of Concept grants, worth €150,000 each and open to ERC grant holders, can be used, for example, to establish intellectual property rights, investigate business opportunities or conduct technical validation. The grantees can apply for funding in three rounds of the call. The results of the second round of the 2017 call were announced today.

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14 September 2017 – Innovative physics research receives over 2 million euros

The board of NWO’s Domain Science (ENW) has granted funding for five proposals in the NWO Physics Projectruimte, a granting instrument for small-scale projects that propose innovative fundamental physics research that has a scientific, industrial or social urgency.

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5 September 2017 – Three million euros for research to improve Dutch infrastructures

Maintaining and improving infrastructures in the Netherlands requires, amongst other things, a better coordination between various parties, the innovative use of data flows, new business models and flexibility. To meet this challenge, NGinfra and NWO have awarded funding to six research projects in the first round of the programme Responsive Innovations.

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