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16 June 2017 – NWO Spinoza Prizes awarded to Eveline Crone, Albert Heck, Michel Orrit and Alexander van Oudenaarden

Today NWO President Stan Gielen announced that developmental psychologist Eveline Crone, analytical chemist Albert Heck, physical chemist Michel Orrit and biologist and biophysicist Alexander van Oudenaarden have each been awarded an NWO Spinoza Prize. These researchers have been given this prize for their exceptional, pioneering and inspiring work. The NWO Spinoza Prize is the highest scientific distinction in the Netherlands. The laureates will each receive 2.5 million euros which they can spend on scientific research.

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15 June 2017 – Funding for 20 new PhDs in the humanities

From predictions about language use by autistic children and the dissemination of radical philosophies in the Netherlands during the 17th century, to a quest for the typical ‘African historian’: 20 talented emerging researchers will spend the next few years carrying out research, thanks to funding from the PhDs in Humanities programme. The programme is funded by the Humanities Incentives Board and NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities. A total of 3.6 million euros was awarded in this funding round.

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8 June 2017 – NWO funds development of hybrid tandem solar cells

NWO has made a €2 million grant available for a strategic programme in the field of solar cell technology, the Joint Solar Programme III (JSP3). The aim of the programme is to develop fundamental knowledge of hybrid tandem solar cells with a conversion efficiency of 30% or more. The programme follows in the steps of two earlier solar cell programmes and will be financed from the NWO fund for the 2016-2017 Energy Top Sector.

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