Editing is teamwork.

We collaborate closely with you to ensure that your ideas and story are communicated clearly and accurately within the constraints of instructions for authors, grant templates, et cetera.

Editing is far more than just correct spelling and grammar. 
We act as your critical ‘third eye’. Does your idea or story remain crystal clear throughout your scientific paper, grant application or presentation?

Or do you get bogged down in details or lose your way due to the constraints of the template you are working in? Is the language you use as simple and concise as possible or are you tempted to use ‘academic fog’ and impressive words in a bid to demonstrate your prowess?

My name is consistency and I'm related to success. We should hang out more often than once in a while.

How consistent are you in your use of terms and the presentation of statistics? Do you let information in tables and figures speak for itself or do you repeat it in detail in your running text?  And what about the references section in your scientific paper?

Have you checked that it meets the requirements of the journal you are submitting it to or have you blindly trusted a program like Endnote or Zotero to do this for you? And in your grant application are you sure you have not exceeded the maximum number of words allowed per section?

We provide English editing services for documents in the humanities, life sciences, medicine and natural sciences.


Have Questions?

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  • I have partnered with NST Science for many years now and the translations have always been professional and thorough. The staff are friendly and very helpful and I enjoy working with them.–Joern Bengt Seeger, orthopaedic surgeon, University of Giessen, Germany

  • With much pleasure (and success) I have used the services of NST Science for several years; Dave Thomas and his team always provide a professional service and personal care and attention in the translation and editing of articles for international medical journals. My PhD students are very pleased with the speed of the response and the willingness to answer specific questions. Thanks to NST Science’s input, six articles have already been accepted for publication.–Dr Wouter van der Heide, associate professor Department of General Practice Medicine, University Medical Center Groningen

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