Engaging a wider public in your research without dumbing down.

Treading the fine line between the wider interests of an institute and the specific wishes of a researcher. 

Finding good words in Dutch to describe scientific processes you always write about in English.
We combine our subject knowledge and creative skills to help you produce brochures and popular publications that inspire your audience. Transcreation, sensitive editing, and informed writing are our basic ingredients. We spar with you in the revision process and can copyedit the finished product in InDesign.


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  • We write an article for the Wageningen alumni association KLV for each issue of the magazine Wageningen World, which. is published in both English and Dutch. NST Science provides the translation for the English edition. NST Science has the advantage that they speak the ‘language of Wageningen’. They know more than just the scientific terms and jargon. Also the names of sections or departments or specific titles and terms as used by the university are always correct. Further NST Science is flexible, fast, always willing to consult and therefore pleasant to work with.–Florien Kuijper, Communicatiebureau De Lynx

  • Pleasant to work with, meticulous translations and fast delivery! For us NST Science is a reliable partner that always delivers quality–Rob Punselie, Content Kings

  • Good subtitles and very fast delivery!–Marc Schaaps Film & TV