Our Philosophy

NST Science offers a highly personal service. You can count on us to go the extra mile to achieve the best possible result.
Core Team

Dave Thomas


Dave studied biology at Imperial College London and gained his PhD in entomology from Wageningen University. He has worked in the field of communicating scientific research for more than 15 years. Dave is a member the Royal Netherlands Chemistry Society, the Dutch Physical Society, the Netherlands Institute of Biology, the Dutch Association of Science Journalists and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. In his spare time Dave writes poetry, edits crime novels and enjoys jazz concerts.

Team Members

Team members

We employ a wide range of freelance professionals with backgrounds as diverse as law, art and mechanical engineering. We hire them for their work as copywriters, content strategists, translators, editors, journalists, filmmakers and subtitle translators.

  • I have partnered with NST Science for many years now and the translations have always been professional and thorough. The staff are friendly and very helpful and I enjoy working with them.–Joern Bengt Seeger, orthopaedic surgeon, University of Giessen, Germany

  • Pleasant to work with, meticulous translations and fast delivery! For us NST Science is a reliable partner that always delivers quality.–Rob Punselie, Content Kings

  • Good subtitles and very fast delivery!–Marc Schaaps Film & TV

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