You obtain more grants, publish more papers and gain more media attention if you allow NST Science to help you. Because we take the hassle out of your communication, you’ll have more time for your research.

Researcher 2 Researcher

Writing a paper? Have NST Science check your English and ensure that your article meets the journal’s requirements. Busy with a presentation? Let us check whether it excites, inspires and convinces.

Researcher 2 Funding Body

Proposal writing takes you away from your research. Let us check whether your proposal meets the call requirements and is convincingly written. That maximises your funding chances and saves you time.

Researcher 2 Public

Science outreach is vital but demanding. Save time by using our range of services to communicate the added value and importance of your research quickly and effectively in whatever language you need.

  • I have partnered with NST Science for many years now and the translations have always been professional and thorough. The staff are friendly and very helpful and I enjoy working with them.–Joern Bengt Seeger, orthopaedic surgeon, University of Giessen, Germany

  • Pleasant to work with, meticulous translations and fast delivery! For us NST Science is a reliable partner that always delivers quality.–Rob Punselie, Content Kings

  • Good subtitles and very fast delivery!–Marc Schaaps Film & TV

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