NST Science ensures that your research paper, presentation, grant proposal or popular publication is written effectively in clear English. And if your document is not in English, we will translate it for you.

Researcher 2 Researcher

Writing a scientific paper or preparing a presentation are two important areas of researcher to researcher communication where NST Science can add great value.

Researcher 2 Funding Body

NST Science helps you maximise your chances of funding and realise knowledge transfer and commercialisation across different cultures and languages.

Researcher 2 Public

Formulate and tailor your writing, combining speed with accuracy and lucidity, to maximise the multimedia tools used to engage the general public.

  • I have partnered with NST Science for many years now and the translations have always been professional and thorough. The staff are friendly and very helpful and I enjoy working with them.–Joern Bengt Seeger, orthopaedic surgeon, University of Giessen, Germany

  • Pleasant to work with, meticulous translations and fast delivery! For us NST Science is a reliable partner that always delivers quality.–Rob Punselie, Content Kings

  • Good subtitles and very fast delivery!–Marc Schaaps Film & TV

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